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Great news, Sorors! We are opening back up!

On the heels of a very successful regional conference season where our COVID testing procedures and safety protocols proved effective in mitigating the effects of COVID-19, I am very pleased to report that the sorority did not receive a report of any serious illness from any of the conference attendees and guests.  The Directorate, in consultation with the Pandemic Task Force, continues to follow the science to ensure that we were taking all necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our members, program partners and the communities we serve.  On December 1, our first in-person phase-in was announced which allowed for the resumption of many in-person activities and operations.

I am excited to announce the next phase of our return to in-person operations in this Special COVID-19 Pandemic Update II that relaxes COVID testing requirements, temperature screening and social distancing, effective immediately. Importantly, chapters are now expected to hold chapter meetings in person. Also, in June, all chapters may resume MIP Luncheons, and undergraduate chapters will be permitted to resume New Member Presentations. Chapters also are authorized to continue in-person programs, events and activities without any limitation on the number of participants.

As variants continue to mutate, we are encouraged that despite the rise in positive cases, the number of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths has not increased. Alpha Kappa Alpha joins the medical experts who continue to urge vaccination as the most effective defense against the COVID-19 virus. In addition to a greatly reduced likelihood of serious illness or death resulting from contracting the virus, the science also indicates that the vaccination is effective in reducing transmission of the virus. This data becomes particularly important as we return to in-person meetings, activities and events on a broader scale.

This next phase of our return to in-person operations will require heightened personal responsibility on the part of our members. Remember that we are our sister’s keeper. In other words, the decisions we make may impact the health and safety of our chapter members, line sisters, other sorors and friends of Alpha Kappa Alpha. To that end, I am depending on each of you to exercise care, good judgment and a collective sense of responsibility and sisterhood in the days ahead. If you are symptomatic or COVID positive or a member of your household is symptomatic or COVID positive, please stay home. Do not risk infecting another soror just to attend a meeting, activity or event. I assure you there will be another meeting, activity or event for you to attend.

Your sorority leaders will continue to monitor this dynamic health situation. Along those lines, I want to welcome Soror Taniece Eure, CDC Epidemiologist, to the COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force. Her expertise has been invaluable as we navigate this next phase-in. Although surges have been predicted, we are hopeful that by exercising caution and following our protocols we will be able to withstand any surge and stay on a positive trajectory. In order to accomplish this goal, however, I must reiterate that we all must continue to work together. The Directorate will re-evaluate our operations and make adjustments as necessary to protect the health and safety of our membership as circumstances may dictate.

I thank you for your continued patience and cooperation and look forward to even better days ahead as we return to in-person operations with safety and personal responsibility leading the way.


Chapters were required to return to in-person operations effective April 1, 2022. According to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Constitution and Bylaws, Article III, Section 11: “Chapter Meetings are to be held in a manner that allows sorors to be in a room together for face-to-face discussion of chapter business. In the event of an emergency or special circumstance, a chapter meeting may be held electronically upon approval by the Regional Director.” Therefore, all chapters should have resumed in-person meetings unless otherwise authorized by the Regional Director. I am aware that some chapters reported having difficulty securing meeting space. In those instances, please consult your Regional Director who is authorized to approve alternative meeting arrangements.


Full vaccination required: Sorors must be fully vaccinated to participate in meetings and activities. Deliberations regarding unvaccinated soror participation are ongoing. Stay tuned for developments.

Confirmation of negative COVID test: Sorors must provide proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the meeting or activity. Home tests or PCR tests are acceptable.

Temperature checks: Temperature screening are no longer required.

Masks optional: Masks are not required for in-person gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors.

MIP Luncheons and New Soror Presentations: These activities may resume after June 13.

*The Regional Director may exercise her discretion in all aspects of this policy.


Chapters are encouraged to continue following the Risk Management Plan and Checklist to ensure the safety of all sorors and guests attending in-person events. The Risk Mitigation Plan & Checklist Guidance may be accessed here. Chapters are further encouraged to require sorors and guests to complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire & Waiver for meetings and events. The COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire & Waiver can be accessed here. Please consult your Regional Director for further guidance.


  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please stay home and do not attend in-person activities until your symptoms subside or you test negative.
  • If you test positive, please stay home, isolate for five (5) days and confirm your negative status before attending in-person activities.
  • If a member of your household is experiencing symptoms or tests positive, please stay home, isolate for five (5) days and confirm your negative status before attending in-person activities.
  • If you test positive within three days after attending an in-person activity or event, please immediately notify your Chapter Basileus.

  • Soror Glenda Glover
    Supreme Basileus

    Soror Joy Elaine Daley, International Regional Director (Chairman)
    Soror Kimberly Esmond Adams, Special Assistant & Risk Management Committee Chairman (Co-Chairman)
    Soror Danette Anthony Reed, First Supreme Anti-Basileus
    Soror Jasmyne E. McCoy, Second Supreme Anti-Basileus
    Soror Cynthia D. Howell, Executive Director of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
    Soror Martha Perine Beard, Chief of Staff to the Supreme Basileus
    Soror Ora B. Douglass, Program Committee Chairman
    Soror Cynthia J. Finch, MIP Committee Chairman & Healthcare Professional
    Soror Jasmine Adkins Moore, Disaster Relief Committee Chairman
    Soror Kasey D. Coleman, Leadership Development Committee
    Soror Carol R. Dixon, Corporate Strategic Partners Committee
    Soror Hollye J.V. Weekes, Program Committee
    Soror Robyn R. Jones, Physician & Medical Director for Women's Health
    Soror Taniece Eure, Epidemiologist

    Please do not reply to the email address. For any questions/concerns, visit our Member Assistance Form.