Region Conference DatesLocation
South Atlantic** October 8 – 11, 2020Charleston, SC
Great Lakes** November 18 – 22, 2020Cleveland, OH
South Central September 4 – 6, 2020Dallas, TX
Mid-Western September 24 – 26, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK
Far Western August 21 – 23, 2020Oakland, CA
International To Be Determined
*All dates are subject to federal, state and local gathering restrictions.
**Dates are currently tentative.


It is during this unprecedented time that we need each other most. During this pandemic, we are called upon to maintain our fellowship sincere and rare through intentional acts of calling, writing, or texting a soror who may be experiencing social isolation and needs a helping hand at this time. The International Membership Committee, under the leadership of Soror Tracey Morant Adams, Chairman, reminds sorors to utilize the new Online Membership Directory introduced last fall to connect with each other. Make a connection with line sisters, co-chartering sorors, professional soror affiliations, or sorors you have had the opportunity to meet over the years at sorority events and conferences. Reach out with a friendly sisterly greeting just to let them know you care. Offer a word of congratulations and support to graduating seniors to recognize the incredible milestone of accomplishment they will achieve in the coming weeks. Phone a precious pearl or a frontline soror simply to let them know you care about and appreciate them. The Online Membership Directory is an easy-to-use, searchable connectivity tool to facilitate outreach with sorors across the globe. It is an excellent resource to re-connect with sorors as together we face this challenge of uncertainty with hope, sisterly love, and resilience. Join the International Membership Committee and connect with sorors in the spirit of sisterhood and service. There is no better time than now to demonstrate our endearing love for our Alpha Kappa Alpha sisterhood.

Thank you for joining our weekly Day of Prayer calls on Thursdays. Let us continue to pray for families impacted by COVID-19, healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers, our sisterhood, this nation and our world. The designated prayer times are 7:00AM, 12:00 Noon and 6:00PM in your local time zone. Pray once, twice or at each of the designated times as your schedule allows believing in the awesome power of prayer. Continue to remain prayerful as we live through this global pandemic.

We continue to salute our Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors who are rendering selfless service as healthcare providers during this global pandemic. Meet more of our AKA frontline sheroes.

Soror Briana Osei, RN
General Member
ICU Nurse
St. Francis Hospital
Memphis, TN
Soror Dawn Pope, OTR, CLT
Lambda Mu Omega
Director Of Rehabilitation
Skilled Nursing Facility
Chicago, IL
Soror La'Sheah Stewart, MSN, APN, FNP-C
Lambda Tau Omega
Nurse Practitioner
Bourbonnais, IL
Soror Bande Virgil, MD
Rho Rho Omega
Pediatric Hospitalist
Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Columbus, GA
Soror Charlene Hollins, MSN, FNP-C
Psi Iota Omega
Family Nurse Practitioner
Emergency Medicine
Boston, MA
Soror Jenita Taylor, MSN, BSN, RN
Gamma Theta Omega
Senior Director of Operations
MCR Health
Sarasota, FL
Soror LaKeisha King, DNP, FNP-BC
Mu Sigma Omega
Family Nurse Practitioner
Department of Veterans Affairs
Auburn/Opelika, AL
Soror Teresa Wiley, RN
Pi Omicron Omega
Registered Nurse
Moses Cone Hospital
Burlington, NC
Soror Ronnita Usher, RN, NP, MD
Eta Omega
Family Nurse Practitioner
University of Louisville Hospital
Louisville, KY
Soror Kesshia Brown, LPC
Kappa Delta Omega
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
Sovah Health Hospital
Danville, VA
Soror Laurena Pinner, MBA, NHA
Phi Phi Omega
Nursing Home Administrator
Rehab and Skilled Nursing Facility
Buford, GA
Soror Nichelle Bush, APRN-FPA
Chi Omega Omega
Emergency & Trauma Nurse Practitioner
Chicagoland & NW IN Hospital Systems
Lynwood, IL

We want to know who our AKA frontline sheroes are. Please share your profile with us at frontlinesheroes@aka1908.com so that we can feature you or post to social media using the hashtag #akafrontlinesheroes. We are grateful for the extraordinary work our frontline sheroes have done, are doing and will continue to do during this global health crisis.

Social Distancing Updates

Is social distancing and staying at home working?

With new research providing more insight on the novel coronavirus and its transmission almost daily, the data suggests that social distancing and Stay-At-Home orders are helping to slow the spread of the virus. However, as cabin fever and the desire to maintain some level of physical activity emerge, more and more people are going for walks and to parks and nature preserves.

Is it safe for me to go for walks and outdoors to exercise?

Scientists are now telling us that the novel coronavirus can travel 13 feet through the air and even be carried around on people’s shoes, according to a new report from the CDC. Significantly, the airborne distance is more than twice the recommended social distancing guidelines to stay six feet away from others. If you must leave your home to go for a walk or to exercise, even in your own community, maintain a safe distance of at least 13 feet to avoid airborne respiratory droplets that can linger in the atmosphere.

What is the significance of the new 13-feet social distancing recommendation?

Click here to take a look at an interactive article illustrating how the virus can be spread.

How has COVID-19 affected Alpha Kappa Alpha?

Region Reported CasesReported Deaths
North Atlantic 51
Mid-Atlantic 20
South Atlantic 3 3
Great Lakes 120
South Eastern 10
South Central 120
Central 81
Mid-Western 10
Far Western 30
International 40
TOTAL 51 5

Visit https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ for up-to-date worldwide COVID-19 statistics.

As we intentionally focus on soror wellness including our minds, our bodies and our spirits in our new normal, the Pandemic Task Force Soror Assistance and Welfare Committee in conjunction with the International Sisterly Relations Committee will be offering strategies in each area designed to assist chapters and sorors find creative ways to remain connected and to promote overall wellness. Our first area of focus will be the MIND. We encourage chapters and sorors to consider the following activities to promote healthy minds and mindfulness.


How do we as a community of women best deal with the growing stress that has suddenly been unleashed in our lives as a result of COVID-19?

Crises are part of the human experience. In our response to crises, we put aside differences and unite for common causes which tend to bring out the best in us and teach us resilience. Refrain from personalizing the impact of this crisis. You are not alone; we are all experiencing various dilemmas and challenges as a result of this virus. We are in this together. In fact, it helps to remember your community and how we can help each other.

Suggested Activities:

  • Focus on emotional coping which are those things that help you keep calm and carry on. Activities may include restorative yoga and other forms of moving meditation and conscious awareness of thoughts and bodily reactions to stressors.
  • Take a short brisk walk to clear your mind adhering to the social distancing guidelines.
  • Complete word games and puzzles to keep your mind sharp and focus your energy on something other than Covid-19.
While observing recommended social distancing and Stay-At-Home orders, utilize the resources available to you to regularly check in with sorors.

Make a conscious effort to refrain from allowing social distancing to translate into social isolation. Utilize video technology on your phones and computers to foster and maintain regular communication with sorors. Reach out to your chapter members, line sisters, mentors, and mentees, and other sorors on a regular basis to check-in, say hello and catch up! Check on inactive members also as this may even encourage them to reconnect after the crisis.

Suggested Activities:

  • Write a note to a soror to let her know you are thinking about her.
  • Send an e-mail or text to your Basileus to keep her encouraged.
  • Call Senior Sorors and ensure that their needs are being met.
  • Create a group chat to foster and maintain ongoing dialogue with multiple sorors.
  • Use the Online Membership Directory to call a soror that you may not know that well
    and introduce yourself.
A dose of humor is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

Humor combats fear, reduces pain, comforts and relaxes. It is even said that humor boosts the immune system. Laughter was found to increase the ability to fight viruses and foreign cells. There is an unspoken message hidden within a chuckle that says: "I promise, you’ll get through this." Laughing relaxes you and works against chronic stress and allows the heart to relax.

Suggested Activities:

  • Share jokes and funny images that you discover on social media.
  • Participate in the various creative challenges on social media that allow you to relax
    and laugh.
  • Make a TikTok video and share it with sorors.
  • Watch a re-run of your favorite stand-up comedian.
  • Host an in-house movie night with your household and watch a comedy. (Don’t forget
    the popcorn!)
  • Have a Zoom "Chapter Movie Night" with sorors at home and host a chat afterwards!

Soror Glenda Glover, Supreme Basileus
Soror Danette Anthony Reed, First Supreme Anti-Basileus
Soror Kasey Coleman, Second Supreme Anti-Basileus
Soror Kaylen Long, Undergraduate Member-at-Large
Soror Hollye Weekes, Undergraduate Member-at-Large
Soror Carol Dixon, Far Western Regional Director
Soror Joy Elaine Daley, International Regional Director (Chairman)
Soror Cynthia Howell, Executive Director of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Soror Martha Perine Beard, Chief of Staff to the Supreme Basileus
Soror Robyn Jones, Physician & Medical Director for Women’s Health
Soror Ora Douglass, Program Committee Chairman
Soror Kimberly Esmond Adams, Special Assistant & Risk Management Task Force Chairman (Co-Chairman)
Soror Cynthia Finch, MIP Committee Chairman & Healthcare Professional
Soror Jasmine Adkins Moore, Disaster Relief Committee Chairman

Please do not reply to the eBlasts@aka1908.com email address. For any questions/concerns, visit our Member Assistance Form.